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Wow. I just discovered this! This is copied and pasted from the WaterWomanFestival myspace page.

Self reliance Permaculturists feel the puzzle pieces are now in the box. All we need are artists to put them together. Water Woman Festival purpose is to rebirth the land that has been stripped of it’s natural resources and nutrients, to enable plants,animals and people to co-exist sustainably. WWF mission is to rebirth our natural earth with the help of permaculture, people and the collective spirit of sustainable art. WWF enables land to regenerate it’s water shed and balance to sustain life for animal ,plants and people. WW seeks to cross pollinate nature with sustainable art through permaculture principles. To empower people to bring back to their communities the knowledge of healing the land and be self reliant. WW purpose is to physically connect people back to earth and create a sustainable space together that cross pollinates permaculture and sustainable art. Sustainable art: A system that solves problems in a beautiful and thoughtful way, that attracts both people and nature together to co-exist. WW seeks to honor rituals honoring the goddess tradition and also create new ones. WW seeks to educate through hands on projects that exercise the body and mind in a fun experience. WW seeks to educate people to the harvesting, managing and seeding of water. Be part of the creative process in building a space our government has failed to establish. WW is the reflection of BM as the polar opposite. WWF’s will insure sustainability for it’s village by salvaging or maintain everything that is created instead of destroying or throwing in landfill. Our countries blue print consists of using all the worlds natural resources, open space for development and that’s considered progress. We will be building a sustainable village that will house volunteers to mend the land. There will be a business consisting of animal shaped stoves and ovens that vend in large cities nearby and plant the seed of WWF. As the land is able to support the vending business, we’ll go in house with all that we grow. Water Woman represents yin energy where Burningman is the yang. In years to come we’ll need both to balance ourselves out.
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luminatte From: luminatte Date: March 19th, 2008 05:00 am (UTC) (Link)
that's right
zinthra From: zinthra Date: April 19th, 2008 07:41 pm (UTC) (Link)
wow , nice
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